Wendy - Electric Violin

Classical musical expertise and the feminine side of the band.

Influences include all music except folk and country !

More on Wendy:

Born: Sunderland

Gear: Ashbury Electric violin with Fishman amp with some gadgets....but want more to be like Pete !!

First record bought: I think it was 'How Dare You' - 10cc .... bought off my next door neighbour Julie

Music that makes my toes curl: English Folk - particularly the fiddly diddly stuff - Eugh !

Top 3 albums (in no particular order): Short Stories - Jon Anderson + Vangelis, Transformer - Lou Reed, Live at Max's - Velvet Underground, Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd, Tubes Live - The Tubes, Fear of Music - Talking Heads, There Goes Rhymin Simon - Paul Simon, The Original Soundtrack - 10cc, Lofty's Roach Souffle - Harry Conick Jr Trio .... oh, that's considerably more than 3 and could name quite a few more !

Fave artists/bands: Jon Anderson, The Tubes, Bowie, Lou Reed, David Byrne, Talking Heads, Brand X, Paul Simon, Yes, Prefab Sprout, Alice Cooper, ELP, Frank Zappa, Klaus Nomi .. basically love anything that's different, creative, expressive, innovative...but do like some of the more trad stuff too.... Except Folk!!!!

Music Backround (briefly!): Started violin at age of 4, trained classically reaching grade 8 distinction level by age 15. Played in many orchestras and ensembles (Edinburgh festival and tours in Germany) and became a regular winner (solo violin) at The Consett Music Festival.  Mentored by Northern Sinfonia Orchestra members, went on to join the Northern Junior Philharmonic Orchestra (BBC Radio 4 performances under famous conductors), then further played professionally for Theatre and Opera productions as well as solo performances in and around the North East.  Decided to change musical direction and moved into good ol' Rock, blues, Jazz, working with different musicians and different styles and genres. TV and Radio appearances followed, playing festivals and gigs up and down the country and abroad

Biggest Influence: My Grandmother, Elsie Ross who bought me my first violin and was a professional violin player herself


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Desire - Area40

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