1. Seconds Out

The bottom of an empty glass....



Seconds out and I was down for the count
With the whole room just looking down on me
The truth she told it left me cold
And I was floundering in some reverie
Climbed to my knees and I begged her please
Show me some sympathy
Wham bam and I'm back down on the ground
And I'm talking through a mouth of blood and broken teeth

I staggered home lonely and alone
Bumping into every lamp post in my street
Crashed through the door like a thousand times before
Unopened letters stacked up around my feet
I swore for my health and I said to myself
Don't ever touch another one of these
But I'm quarter to one and I'm in The Dog and Gun
And I'm looking at the bottom of an empty glass again

Oh I know I'm in a hole
Come on baby let the bad times roll
Come on baby let the bad times roll