Formed in 2011

Debut album - One Small Step - 2013

Digital single releases continue 2013 - 2019

Area40 write, record, produce and perform their original songs.


Area40 are:

Pete McLoughlin
Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Bass

Steve Peacey

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Mark Wilson
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Former members:

Chris Holden

Wendy Ross
Electric Violin



Listen To 'Now You Know' here on Spotify

Listen To 'Nearest Exit' here on Spotify

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Download 'Now You Know' - itunes or CDBaby

Now You Know - Area40

Download 'Nearest Exit' - itunes or CDBaby

Nearest Exit - Area40

Seconds Out - Area40

Soldier - Area40

Soldier - Area40

Desire - Area40

Desire - Area40

Pretty Much Perfect - Area40

Road Trip - Area40

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