From the recording One Small Step

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The mercury is falling, leaves are off the trees in this Northern town
The days are gettin shorter soon another winter will be here
An apology for summer came and went with no hurrah
And the birds flying south remind me ... it's been a year
So where are you now ?
Each minute's like an hour, each day is like a week without you girl
As the clock on the kitchen wall meats out the misery
Tick tock tick tock you made time stop, you slammed the door, you let the bomb drop
Consigned our love affair to history
So where are you now ?
I have loved you too much to count you as a friend, it's a weight I'll carry with me to the very end
I could try and hate you... but thats not my way
And the miles you put between us just underline the fact ... you have no intention of ever coming back
But all the same I need to know that you're OK...
Where are you now ?