1. Road Trip

From the recording Road Trip

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Inspired by Le Tour De France coming to Yorkshire 2014:

It feels like a hundred years Cos we've been waiting a hundred years Waiting for a winner from these shores Then we get two, one right after the other

We never really got to the party before now Sure we got close but no cigar up until now But this time the party's coming to our door Le grand depart de tour

It's a carnival of carnivals and it's coming to my town The world is watching us, the rise and falls the ups and downs So watch your back boys it's chess on wheels With legs of steel

This is a beautiful place Oh it's not perfect but it's a beautiful place A cracking backdrop for the ultimate race So bring it on bring it on

A million people line the street In yellow, polka dot and green And it won't cost you a penny cos it's free And that appeals to the Yorkshire man in me