1. Cheat

From the recording Cheat

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I asked you why you're so late again You said you missed the earlier train I never had the suspicious mind You can't believe that I'm so blind

Breaks my heart to know your lying In the dark can't you hear me crying out Hold my heart and keep on trying Try and rise above the doubt Either that or live without you I'm so blind

Why you cheat I just don't know But I don't wanna let you go So I choose to play this limelight game And I don't even know his name

Oh when I'm alone I get through the night getting stoned Drinking in a deep red wine Eases pain passes time Why can't I see Why can't I learn Why can't I see I'm so blind

Don't know how long I can stay like this I never felt your warmth through a single kiss My days are passing by I keep on asking why oh why

I can't see I can't eat I can't drink I can't work I'm so blind