Mark - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass


The high range vocals, witty personality and second best guitarist in the band.

An ear for musical production.

Influences include Van Morrisson, Neil Young, Paddy McAloon and Americana.

More on Mark:

Born: Bradford

Live: Knaresborough

Gear: Taylor 410ce, Takamine en10, Fender Telecaster (Jap), Epiphone dot, Fender Precision Bass, SWR bass amp and Mesa Lonestar amp

First record bought: Metal Guru by T Rex (sounds cool but i also bought Long haired lover from Liverpool by Little Jimmy Osmond on the same day)

Last record bought: Emotialism by The Avett Brothers

First band: Cardiac Arrest in the Bingley area around 1978

Heroes: Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout), Van Morrison, Justin Currie, Mark Knopfler, Steve Earle

Mark recommends: Ezio, Hope and Social (the best band to come out of Yorkshire), The Avett Brothers, Peter Bruntnell, Dead Rock West, Stewboss

What's my poison: Timothy Taylors Landlord

Favourite pub: The Ship at Seahouses


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