The bottom of an empty glass....



Seconds out and I was down for the count

With the whole room just looking down on me

The truth she told it left me cold

And I was floundering in some reverie

Climbed to my knees and I begged her please

Show me some sympathy

Wham bam and I'm back down on the ground

And I'm talking through a mouth of blood and broken teeth

I staggered home lonely and alone

Bumping into every lamp post in my street

Crashed through the door like a thousand times before

Unopened letters stacked up around my feet

I swore for my health and I said to myself

Don't ever touch another one of these

But I'm quarter to one and I'm in The Dog and Gun

And I'm looking at the bottom of an empty glass again

Oh I know I'm in a hole

Come on baby let the bad times roll

Come on baby let the bad times roll







And I watch those flashing lights before my closed eyes

Bright swirling images personal aurora flood

The fever or the chemicals not sure which win tonight

Or alcohol withdrawal following my respite

And you still won't come back to me

After all you promised years ago

Disappearing off to live your life

In that sunny archipelago

I can't conceal just what I feel

Don't you know this love is real

Fork in the road which path do you choose

Different branch and you might lose


I will always remember us our first amazing kiss

Almost falling off the kerb in heady emotional bliss

And though it wasn't possible never meant to be

Will always bring a smile to my face in the home for the elderly

And you still won't come back to me

After all you promised years ago

Disappearing off to live your life

In that sunny archipelago

I can't conceal just what I feel

Don't you know this love is real

Fork in the road which path do you choose

Different branch and you might lose




A Soldier's tale - a haunting rock epic !


I'm gonna leave this place

I'm gonna leave this place

But it won't leave me

Every single face

Every tiny trace

They won't leave me


I can't be free

But I can't see

That it is me

Set me free


The dirt the pain the squalor

The blood the screams the horror

You're blind you're deaf you're missing

You choose to understand nothing



Set me free


Let me be


I will set me free ...













I asked you why you're so late again
You said you missed the earlier train
I never had the suspicious mind
You can't believe that I'm so blind

Breaks my heart to know your lying
In the dark can't you hear me crying out
Hold my heart and keep on trying
Try and rise above the doubt
Either that or live without you
I'm so blind

Why you cheat I just don't know
But I don't wanna let you go
So I choose to play this limelight game
And I don't even know his name

Oh when I'm alone
I get through the night getting stoned
Drinking in a deep red wine
Eases pain passes time
Why can't I see
Why can't I learn
Why can't I see
I'm so blind

Don't know how long I can stay like this
I never felt your warmth through a single kiss
My days are passing by
I keep on asking why oh why

I can't see
I can't eat
I can't drink
I can't work
I'm so blind




A Gothic Love Song from Area40 ...


Beautiful frustration
Enforced isolation
Ignore your modern defences
Restore your primitive senses

Look deep into these eyes
As they penetrate your soul
Send shivers through your body
Let me take control

Escape to the hill
Behind the reservoir
Stay until the moon
And the stars begin to shine
Relinquish your protection
Live forever in this moment
Conjoined in perfect union
Let hearts and minds entwine

Emit your radiation
My only consolation
Too near for your own good
Desire says you should

And when lips touch your neck
And we've never been so close
Scent eau de naturelle
Gonna react on impulse



A summertime groove sound from Area40...


Yesterday I was a dog destination kennels
Anticipation and nervous excitement
Will it be a holiday
Or solitary confinement

The perfume from your perspiration, hot skin and suncream
Those summer images keep me sane
You wanna live in England
You got to learn to love the rain

But tomorrow might be
Pretty much perfect, pretty much perfect
Swifts screeching through May's blue sky
Bubbles from my G'n'T flying high
Don't be afraid to let yourself go
Life's no return so let it flow
Cos tomorrow might be
Pretty much perfect

If I had the nose of a dog I'd always be in trouble
They say all comes to those who wait
Give me more days like these
And I would not hesitate

But tomorrow might be
Pretty much perfect



Inspired by Le Tour De France coming to Yorkshire 2014


It feels like a hundred years
Cos we've been waiting a hundred years
Waiting for a winner from these shores
Then we get two, one right after the other


We never really got to the party before now
Sure we got close but no cigar up until now
But this time the party's coming to our door
Le grand depart de tour


It's a carnival of carnivals and it's coming to my town
The world is watching us, the rise and falls the ups and downs
So watch your back boys it's chess on wheels
With legs of steel


This is a beautiful place
Oh it's not perfect but it's a beautiful place
A cracking backdrop for the ultimate race
So bring it on bring it on


A million people line the street
In yellow, polka dot and green
And it won't cost you a penny cos it's free
And that appeals to the Yorkshire man in me



An impromptu cover recording from Mark and Pete of the wonderful Steve Earle song - Rich Man's War (NOT part of the new album).

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