Area40 back in the studio to complete our two new songs 'Seconds Out' and 'Fever' ... hope to release in next month 


Latest Area40 video below for our single 'Soldier' .... available on this page from itunes, CDBaby and Amazon ... a haunting tale of a veteran:





Meanwhile enjoy 'Cheat' - a soul based chilled tune available in full on this website - as are all our songs

This follows our previously released songs:

'Desire' - a gothic style love song with melodic prog instrumentation

'Pretty Much Perfect' - a summertime groove sound

'Road Trip' - inspired by Le Tour De France coming to Yorkshire

'One Small Step' - Area40's debut 10 track album



Area40 are five experienced musicians performing original yet contemporary songs

An eclectic mix of style and content from the several singer songwriters within the band

Songs that indulge vocal harmony with dueling electric violin and lead guitar

A melting pot of varied influences and sheer enjoyment of music


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 Area40 music first broadcast on BBC Introducing 28/09/13




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Download 'Soldier' - itunes or CDBaby

Soldier - Area40


Area40: Road Trip

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YouTube Video Playlist - Area40

Download 'Cheat' - itunes or CDBaby

Desire - Area40


Area40: Cheat

Download 'Desire' - itunes or CDBaby

Desire - Area40


Area40: Desire

Download 'Pretty Much Perfect' - itunes or CDBaby

Pretty Much Perfect - Area40


Area40: Road Trip

Download 'Road Trip' - itunes or CDBaby

Road Trip - Area40


Area40: Road Trip

Preview the Area40 debut album - 'One Small Step'

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Area40: One Small Step

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