Thick As Thieves




Me and you we were thick as thieves
That’s the way that it seemed to me
About as close as friends would be
A bit like family

When you were down I gave you time
When you’d no money I gave you mine
And when we ran along the Tyne
I carried you over the line

Thick as thieves it was just a lie
Cos I was thick and you were robbin me blind
Not once or twice
But time after time after time…

I guess you took me for a fool
Hook line and sinker too
I’d rather be a fool then a liar and a thief and a cheat
And if our paths should cross someday
You better turn the other way
Hang your head in shame how do you sleep

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Morpheus is no friend of mine
Got my eyes wide open my fists clenched tight
I think of you till the morning light

Friends say I should live and let live
Hell that's for the Christians I can't forgive
The shame you brought your wife and kids
They'll damn you for the thing you did

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