So what do you perceive?
An old man who's down on his knees ?
'Give me cheeky lip come see me'
Maybe now I just got heavy feet

You must have seen it many a night this moon
For granted you can take this light this moon

I been there moon
I walked it and talked it moon
Dont you believe that it's true

Footprints in the dust
Dont you know I kept the dust

Black and white fuzzy TV
Do you remember the child it was you
Creeping down the stair to see me
Was it your dream or was it even true



The mercury is falling, leaves are off the trees in this Northern town

The days are gettin shorter soon another winter will be here

An apology for summer came and went with no hurrah

And the birds flying south remind me ... it's been a year


So where are you now ?


Each minute's like an hour, each day is like a week without you girl

As the clock on the kitchen wall meats out the misery

Tick tock tick tock you made time stop, you slammed the door, you let the bomb drop

Consigned our love affair to history


So where are you now ?


I have loved you too much to count you as a friend, it's a weight I'll carry with me to the very end

I could try and hate you... but thats not my way

And the miles you put between us just underline the fact ... you have no intention of ever coming back

But all the same I need to know that you're OK...


Where are you now ?





If I write a song will it set me free

And if you close your eyes would it help you see

Walk these streets for hours night and day

Though I know their names I can’t find my way


Feel like I'm lost

What am I looking for

Who do I love

Can I give anymore


She wasn’t with me in my darkest hour

Though she’s not around I still feel her power

Sanity enough put out the flames

Crystal tears of madness ends the game


Feel like I'm lost

What am I looking for

Who do I love

Can I give anymore


Remember me for what I am and what I said and what I did

Remember me for what I did for you


Remember, Remember, Remember me


This is killing me, nowhere to go

Red lights all around me and I can’t say no

I’ll scream in silence, burning pain

No one listens we all go round again

For You




Never had your called name called out at school
Insecure maybe but never a fool
Scars from a summers sun in the yard
Memories of children playing...didn't seem so hard

Tonight I sing this song for you
It's right that I sing this song with you
And the night rain came down
Roses wept their tears on my crown

Streetlight shines kaleidoscope view
Through mist and smoke cuts the night air in two
Seed has been sown, the deed has been done
Sharing green and brown...we're not the only ones

Music persuading the night she's still young
What if tomorrow decides not to come ?
Laughing our way through a bottle or three
Slow passionate dance ...holding you close to me





Me and you we were thick as thieves
That’s the way that it seemed to me
About as close as friends would be
A bit like family

When you were down I gave you time
When you’d no money I gave you mine
And when we ran along the Tyne
I carried you over the line

Thick as thieves it was just a lie
Cos I was thick and you were robbin me blind
Not once or twice
But time after time after time…

I guess you took me for a fool
Hook line and sinker too
I’d rather be a fool then a liar and a thief and a cheat
And if our paths should cross someday
You better turn the other way
Hang your head in shame how do you sleep

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Morpheus is no friend of mine
Got my eyes wide open my fists clenched tight
I think of you till the morning light

Friends say I should live and let live
Hell that's for the Christians I can't forgive
The shame you brought your wife and kids
They'll damn you for the thing you did




You can use your own discretion
Race on the rail
This is just a little question
I see your face is pale

Is that really your name don't deny it
Don't even damn well try it
Is that really your name ?
Race on the rail

Ok ok there's no other way
Leave it out I'm here to stay
Knuckle down and shut my mouth
No way north, no way to the south

Go to hell I'll get the knack
Dont weigh it across my back
Race on the rail

Move it move it let it pass
My eyes are blind as heavy glass
Get it inbetween my teeth
Falling down I'm underneath





Was it ever for real
Did we try not to feel all the pain
Could you find me once more
Skating on the edge of your life
This cold thin ice

Can you be so easily caught
In this net of safety
Will you be so easily bought
By this web of hatred
My arms they surround you

Two of a kind
Could never have peace of mind, never change
Could you find me once more
Watching your face as you turn away
Will I never see you




Got to go All Inclusive
Slow down you better relax
Can't take that away from you
Always paid your tax

Pour another beer buddy
Deserve it you're on a roll
Forget about that beer belly
Christ it's taking its toll

Scented breeze and sparkling seas
Faraway rainy skies
Catch your breath, maybe a few years left
Are you ready for your goodbyes ?

A body in need of attention
You're garulous and untrue
Full of piss and importance
So proud of your tatoo

A photograph is all you need
When the celebrity finally arrives
Little men wanna be bigger men
Will it really change their lives

It's All Inclusive
Did you want it exclusive ?
Cos it's All Inclusive !

Day Job




So thats why we're here
Aspiring to be there
Friends or your foe
Depends on which ones you know

Do you aspire to be me ?
When we desire to be you
How can you really know ?
When fantasy is our goal

Know what you're really after ?
Sure that you want it all ?

Don't give up your day job
There's no ticket to ride
Fantasy, no panacea
Know that you can't hide

How high d'you need to go
The boy asked long ago
No need to climb that far
And be left with so many scars





Virgin took me all the way
Ran out of juice again today
Your freedom trails wern't so hard to find

They say he loved his oysters here
Kennedys bar's gonna disappear
The hockey boys you know they're harder than the ice

You know I gotta find those whales at sea
Maybe they just might be free
From the harbour we made it on our own

Take the trail a guiding light
No religion here tonight
Independence was builded here

Take me to Boston
Take me to Boston
Freedom in Boston

Freedom !


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